Network Activity Visualisations

I’m tinkering on a network protocol simulator at the moment. For debug purposes, it can provide some basic visualisation of what’s going on, e.g. highlighting links which are transmitting messages. These visualisations can sometimes be mesmerising, I find. To avoid turning the front page of this blog into a blinking mess, I’ve put them on their own page.


  1. Ralf said

    Hi. These are both beautiful and instructive. Hey, I’ve been a user of quagga once and after years I looked at your old blog and followed you all the way to here. Glad to see you’re still using your genius to do marvelous things. Cheers

  2. pjakma said

    I’ve uploaded better quality versions to Dailymotion, see my network visualisations playlist there. It includes a simulation of a mobile network which is sort of interesting.

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