What I want from the BBC

All I want is that Free Software Linux distributions can include all the software required needed to watch BBC iPlayer “out of the box”. Pretty simple really. I want the BBC to stop treating Free Software developers and users as a bunch of pirates – even though the BBC are quite happy to make use of their fruit.


  1. I know you’ve done some FOI requests from the BBC before. Do you know if they have done any studies on the piracy rates of different platforms or the effectiveness of the various methods they have used?

  2. Paul Jakma said

    It’s a good question. I don’t have any info on that at the moment. However, I am still looking for info from the BBC, as I still don’t think we’ve had any substantive insight into their reasoning on at least a number of questions. So.. stay tuned I guess. 😉

    • I have asked much the same question on the latest BBC blog post. Nick has been responding fairly quickly so I hope to get some sort of elucidation soon.

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