BBC Response to my iPlayer DRM FoI Request

Got my response from the BBC regarding who is forcing them to implement content protection,  as their upper-management has publicly stated, and how they came to their decisions on it. It’s pretty disappointing really.

They’ve refused my request to determine exactly who is requiring it of the BBC, on the grounds that this information is held “for the purposes of ‘journalism, art or literature'”. The 2nd part they refused generally on the grounds of it being too burdensome – my request was phrased poorly it seems. They did release one document though, though heavily redacted.

Feel free to read the “final response”response and the released document, ERTG “Content Protection Update”.

Suggestions on what, if anything, to do next would be useful.


  1. Strawp said

    That redacted document is a fascinating read, thanks!

    It’s exactly like the conversations and information we have on the Beebhack IRC channel and wiki, except from the opposite standpoint.

    I like how they quote the bit about MythTV, but reading between the redactions are basically saying “We really shouldn’t have implied we were going to support MythTV, ‘cos that’s never gonna happen”.

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