Quagga.net Outage

Update: Seems I can’t read – the outage possibly could be prolonged, but should not be permanent. The provider is working on the issues (power problems affecting the rack). We don’t have an immediate need for hosting, however a dual-disk caddy for a T1000 would still be ultra-useful. Thanks!

There’s been a major outage of Quagga.net services. The hosting provider has literally had to pull the plug for emergency reasons. It doesn’t look like service at that provider will be restored on any permanent basis. We’re currently looking for someone willing to sponsor costs for some or all of the following:

  • Server hosted on a commercial basis with:
    • Remote serial console
    • Remote power-switch
    • KVM support
    • 80GB or more of redundant storage
  • Hosting of a Sun T1000, ideally with:
    • Shipping costs paid for from Belgium
    • Existing single-disk upgraded to Sun dual-disk (this would obviate need for former server)

This would of course have to happen just as I’m away on holiday for 3 weeks, with only limited internet access.

If you think you can help, please leave a comment with your email.


  1. Hi,

    We’re in London, maybe we can help.

    We don’t sell commercial hosting (we consult for ISPs and don’t want to compete with them), but we will help good-of-internet projects.

    – The first server, do you need sponsorship of the kit too ? We have everything but remote power bar, but the DC does have 24/7 hands and can power cycle.
    – The T1000, how much power does it use in your configuration ?

    If this offer is useful, e.g. someone in London offers equivalent kit and can get it to Docklands, then I can give you electricity and internet on a cable 😉


  2. Anatoly said

    Hi Paul,
    We might be able to help with hosting

  3. pjakma said

    Back home now and rested.

    It’s unclear why the site is still down. The provider apparently had powered the box back up 6 days ago. So possibly we’ve now got problems with the box booting up, to compound the earlier power probs at the provider.

    Whatever else, it’s pretty clear we need to setup redundant hosting once immediate problems are fixed.

    Thanks for all the offers of assistance made, here and elsewhere.

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